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Culinar offers specialized knowledge in seasonings, tailored product development and a broad portfolio of high quality spices, starches, fibers and customer-specific blends.  Please explore our segment information below and find contact information in the end of this page.


Culinar has supported and partnered with the savoury snack industry for more than 50 years. We serve with ideas, trend information and product development as well as customized seasonings and spices.

We cover Europe
Our snacks team covers the whole European snacks market operating from Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic and Denmark. In order to be as close as possible to the local markets and our customers, each regional workplace has the primary responsibility for a region or market.

Dedicated flavour partner
Together we form a strong and active team with dedicated and skillful snacks competence. Having the important regional knowledge as well as the international understanding of the snacks segment, we are a powerful flavour partner for snacks producers.

Culinax – process stable seasoning
Culinax – our unique and internationally awarded technology for process stable seasoning – offers great possibilities to flavour extruded products.


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Vegetarian - Vegan - Plantbased

Customer demands for new food stuff with labels such as vegetarian, vegan, plantbased, non animal etc, are increasing. The product development is intense. The segment  covers everything from products as meat-like as possible to brand new innovative foods.

Vegetable proteins have specific, unfamiliar flavor profiles that require special expertise in flavoring. Most often new combinations of spices and flavorings must be created in order for the product to be perceived positively by consumers.

We offer qualified expertise in taste and texture, product development, customized ingredient blends as well as specific ingredients.


The Culinar bakery team offers new product ideas, flavour knowledge, products development and ingredients for bread, biscuits and rusks, bread snacks, soft and dry cakes.

Based on your specific preferences of taste profile, shelf life, usage, target end customers, sales channels, etc., we develop customized solutions for your new products. We also help improve taste or texture, get higher yield, extended freshness and shelf-life.

Spices, starches, fibers and blends
We offer spices, starches and fibers as well as blends of flavour ingredients and mixes including ingredients for flavour, texture and function.
Our potato and grain based fortfolio of starches and fibers are manufactured in Sweden by our sister company Lyckeby Starch AB. The raw materials used for these products are grown mostly in southern Sweden by our owners.

Culinax – a unique bake stable seasoning
Culinax – our unique and internationally awarded technology for process stable seasoning – offers great possibilities to flavour all kinds of baked products.

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Kunskap och erfarenhet inom Bageriindustrin hos Culinar.

Meat, Poultry and Ready-Made Meals

Culinar offers ideas, trend information and customer specific product development as well as customized complete blends, seasonings, spices and other ingredients. We have supported and partnered with the food industry since our company was founded in 1944. Our focus market area for this food segment is the in the Nordic countries.

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Quality - first and last

To meet the expectations of our customers we are highly certified, have ambitious environmental, sustainability and energy goals. We keep a close eye on legislation and regulations applicable to quality, sustainability and safety along the supply chain.

We are member of the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI)  and by that we have committed ourselves to:

  • Strive for a fully sustainable spice production and trade
  • Reach or exceed 25% sustainable sourcing in at least our top 3 products categories by 2025
  • Achieve or exceed 10% point growth for top 3 product categories by 2021

Environment and energy
Pursuing an environmentally conscious and sustainable business is central to Culinar. Our environmental management system is based on ISO 14001.
Since 2006, we have a certified energy management according to EN 16001:2009.

Our targets to reduce the impact on the environment are followed, evaluated and revised on a regular base.
Since 2013, we use only fossil-free energy at our production facility. From January 2019 all electricity used is produced from renewable energy sources.

About us
We are 170 food devoted people specialized in product development, sales, customer service, purchasing, logistics, quality, production, packaging and much, much more.

Customized product development
We offer specialized expertise in flavoring, ideas, inspiration and customized product development to food producers.

High quality and safe ingredients
We deliver high quality and safe ingredients, seasonings, and complete blends in packages adjustad to your batch size.

Customers’ success
The success of our customers is our primary goal. Therefore, we place great importance on delivering services and products correct and fast.

In the business since 1944
Our company Culinar was founded back in 1944. Today we are part of the Lyckeby Group, owned by about 700 potato starch producing farmers in Sweden. Thus ensuring long-term and stable relations with customers and suppliers.

Håkan Christensson under invigningen av ny satsning

Welcome to contact us

Snacks - Europe

Anders Mellgren
Phone: +464458727
E-mail: anders.mellgren@culinar.se

Snacks - Scandinavia

Johan Anderberg
Business Manager
Phone: +4644286569
E-mail: johan.anderberg@culinar.se

Plantbased foods

Johan Lantau
KAM - Scandinavia
Phone: +464458736
E-mail: johan.lantau@culinar.se

Meat, Poultry and Ready-Made Meals

Leif Johansson
KAM - Scandinavia
Phone: +464458523
E-mail: leif.johansson@culinar.se

Meat, Poultry and Ready-Made Meals

Rikard Taylor
KAM - Scandinavia
Phone: +467672134 83
E-mail: rikard.taylor@culinar.se


Distributor - All applications
Phone: +4767073800
E-mail: info@alimenta.no


Distibutor - All applications
Phone: +358103213086
E-mail: tiina.varkoi@tplus.fi


Agnieszka Wisnioch
KAM - All applications
Phone: +48227387232
E-mail: agnieszka.wisnioch@culinar.pl

Baltics, Russia

Maris Klavins
KAM - All applications
E-mail: maris.klavins@culinar.lv

Central Europe

Marie Vavrova
KAM - All applications
Phone: +420602389487
E-mail: marie.vavrova@culinar.cz

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