Long experience and deep knowledge in seasoning of snacks

Tailor-made seasonings for snacks

We offer you close to 60 years of experience in snack seasoning.

Our large dedicated snack team develops customer-unique seasonings for all types of snack products.

From our modern production facility in southern Sweden, we deliver high quality, batch-adapted and quality-assured seasonings to snack producers in Europe.

Our strengths - your success!

Tailor-made snacks seasonings - always

Our dedicated and experienced R&D snacks team provide each client with seasonings unique to their company and specific products.

We develop taylormade seasonings for crisps on all bases (potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, root vegetables…), extruded or baked snacks, popcorn, nuts, etc.



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Large portfolio of spices and ingredients

Our raw material portfolio includes approximately 900 spices and other ingredients.

The flavour part of the portfolio is independent which gives us freedom always to choose the best suited alternative for each particular project.

We are actively evaluating and establishing new interesting raw materials that suit our customers’ specific needs.

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Quality and Environment

Culinar is highly certified and works systematically towards high quality and sustainability goals.
Thanks to our accredited microbiological laboratory – which is located directly adjacent to the production – we have a short lead time for analyzes, which contributes to fast and secure deliveries.

Vist our quality page for goals, certificates, sustainability report etc.

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Let us inspire you!

We are constantly and broadly monitoring the the world market and looking for new exciting ideas and trends in general and for snacks in particular.
The information we find, we share with our customers in the form of workshops, inspiration days, trend presentations and samples.

What will be the next snack trend?

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Culinars fabrik

Welcome to us!

Culinar is a food company owned by Sveriges Stärkelseproducenter, an agricultural cooperative with 600 members in southern Sweden, of whom 400 are active growers.

Since our foundation in 1944, the cornerstones of Culinar’s relationships with clients has been knowledge, innovation, trust, and high quality.

We are located in Fjälkinge, just outside Kristianstad with about 180 employees in different functions such as R&D, purchasing, quality control, warehousing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery.

The customer benefits are fast tracks from idea to delivery of customer-unique high quality snack seasonings.

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Wecome to contact us


Anders Mellgren
Phone: +464458727
E-mail: anders.mellgren@culinar.se


Agnieszka Wisnioch
Phone: +48227387232
E-mail: agnieszka.wisnioch@culinar.pl
Mikael Espling
Business Area Manager Snacks
Phone: +46733031088
E-mail: mikael.espling@culinar.se

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